Friday nights are awesome.


After a long, tedious, and –let’s face it – boring week, it’s good to get out. I put on some music to pump me up while I got ready, then I was off meet a friend at the movies. While standing in line for tickets, I noticed we were surrounded by a bunch of selfie-taking teenagers. Actually, there were tons of people going to the movies that night.Group-of-smiling-people-taking-a-selfie-800x500

When we made it through the crowd and into our theater, I was kind of shocked that there were only two other couples in there; it was like a private screening. The theater darkened, and as the film started, I was sucked into the world on screen. Before I knew it, credits were rolling. Walking out of the theater, my friend and I were talking about how fantastic the movie was, and again I saw masses of people still shuffling into Ghostbusters and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. I wanted to run into these overpopulated theaters and yell, “Go see the movie at the end of the hall! Theater 16! You won’t be disappointed!” I wanted to yell, but I didn’t. Instead I pondered why these little gems in the independent film industry are so special to me and why they rarely get the recognition they deserve.

I am drawn to independent films for their raw artistic value.

To me they feel more genuine than most of the studio driven films put out by Hollywood. Maybe it’s because the storytellers aren’t constrained by what sells and what doesn’t, they are simply using the medium to convey their view on the things that they’re passionate about.
Films like Amira and Sam, In Your Eyes, and Instructions Not Included reel me in with their uniqueness, their performances and theirINSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED simplicity. When combined together, it allows me to feel like I am a part of the world that the filmmakers have created.

As an artist myself, I guess I relate to that. I love seeing the way people choose to express their world, and Iappreciate it when they share it with me. I know the work that is put in, and I know that it’s not an easy task. But when fueled by passion, it can’t go wrong.


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