Rest Stop – A Word of Welcome; Our Lists of Top Ten Limited Location Films
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imagesWelcome one and all! First of all, we would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to take a look at what we have going on in our little corner of the internet and film world. If you explored this very website a bit before clicking on this blog, you would have seen all of what we are about. For those that haven’t, let me do a little bit of explaining.

Our mission at Dead End Films is to make quality films while using our minimalist resources and a very strong pre-production ethic. We will cover any genre, and any format. We have ideas for web series, feature films, and even a serialized TV show. We will also have our own stamp and/or style inserted into every production we do. Now, I know what you may be thinking. ‘Who doesn’t have ideas and goals, and how do you guys stick out in such a competitive field?’ Well, we have met at least once a week for the past month plus, and what has been made clear is the drive we have to succeed at this venture. To be short and succinct, our main goal is to have a company in the realm of Blumhouse Pictures. We are taking great care to pick out stories that we are confident in doing in the most productive way possible.


You may be asking what this little end of our site will consist of. Well, we decided, in order to get good interaction with any and all film fans out there, we should start a blog. As far as what this column will consist of, the answer is that it is what we call a work in progress. Each subsequent week will be different. Or maybe it won’t be films. Maybe it will be our favorite parts of TV shows. Or even music videos.

Two things that I CAN guarantee about what this column will be. First of all, we at Dead End all agree that this column will not be used to criticize  parts of the industry which frustrate us. This is to not put us out there as people who never get mad at things surrounding what we do. But there are plenty of sites out there which slander and criticize what’s going on in the film world. Our goal here is to encourage you all to look at film in a positive light, as well as see where we are coming from.

Speaking of you guys, that would lead to the other thing I can say for sure what this column’s purpose is. It will be to interact with YOU. We want to know what made you all love film, and we want you to shout it LOUD. Who knows? Doing so might be rewarded with a prize or two. You keep coming back, we will be sure to keep paying you back with good and rewarding films.

club2As for our first column, we decided to make three seperate lists of our favorite minimalist location films. What are these, you ask? A minimalist location film pretty much consists of two thirds of its running time being held in one location. An example of which would be last year’s Best Actress Oscar winner Room. In that film, we spend so much time with its two main characters in that one closed off place, that the mood’s build-up pays off when it eventually does go to another location.

I am going to list ours first. And then I will ask you all to either refute our choices or list your own on our Facebook page.

Jason D. Morris
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Jason D. Morris is a producer, director and editor known for the feature films Story of Eva (2015), Betrayal (2013) Hell House: The Book of Samiel (2008) and the forthcoming Collapse (2016).  He also produced two seasons of Millennium: Apocalypse, a web series spin-off of Chris Carter’s Millennium.

What do you think? You agree? Disagree? Maybe you will agree with the list of fellow producer and writer Robert Carrera. 

Robert Carrera
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Brought up with a deep passion for films Mr. Carrera began his career attending NY Film Academy and Academy of Art University. He is known for the short films Strange Company, It’s Her, Consequence and The Wedding and the feature films Hell House, Betrayal and Lure Me Away.

And now, for the list of the one and only talented Doug Wicker. 

Doug Wicker
Technical Architect
Mr. Wicker sometimes makes pictures and sometimes they move.

 And finally, here is the list of the Tall Man, Garrett Collins. 

Garrett Collins
Vice President of Marketing
Garrett Collins is a producer with experience working for ABC-DISNEY, 20th Century Fox and Netflix Studios. Having worked in the independent circuit, producing the indie film Refuge and helping develop several projects with Morris. His ambition with Dead End Films is quality material encompassing all his favorite aesthetics.

So, there you have it. Our three lists of favorite minimal location films. What do you all think? Was there something we missed? Can some of these even be considered one location films? Are these the types of films you would like to see more of?

Let us know either in the comment section or on our Facebook page. See you next week!

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